Adult Sunday Classes

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM Sunday School

Amazing Graces
Room 110

This class is a prayer, devotional, and bible study group for ladies.

Bible Moths
Room 150

All are welcome to join for a great year of dicussion focused around the Bible.

Christian Friendship
Room 41

All are welcome to join for a great year of dicussion and fellowship.

Family Ties
Room 116/118

This class explores a variety of family-related topics using DVD studies and group discussion. We recognize the many demands of families and hope to provide a relaxed, welcoming group for individuals and couples at all stages of their faith journey. Studies are chosen so you will not feel "left-out" if you miss a week. Some members are in the early stages of raising children while others are "more experienced". Feel free to drop in anytime.


Men's Sunday School Class
Room 141

Men meet to explore a DVD-based study containing a short video followed by discussion. All men are welcome, young and old.

New Member Class

Room 140

A short term class for adults considering joining this church, wanting renewal of faith or making general inquiry of the Christian faith. This class is usually offered twice during the year. Watch the bulletin for more information. FRESHSTART includes six sessions during the Sunday School hour, a family supper with some of our church leaders and a personal consultation with Rev. Hoyte Wilhelm. To register: Call 330-650-2650 ext. 104 or mark N.M. beside your name in the Sunday worship attendance pad.

Ties That Bind
Room 126

This class is for anyone who enjoys a discussion type format. Different sources will be used including the Bible and other religious material. Socials are planned throughout the year.


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