Karyn Buggs

Financial Secretary (Ext. 102)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here's what I hope this picture is saying to you; I want to live in a world where people view problems as possibilities and obstacles as opportunities. My husband, Cordelle, and I enjoy coming up with new ideas from a problem we've encountered or brainstorming about inventions sparked by an episode of "Shark  Tank".

I hope this picture is saying, my life has no limitations except the ones I put in place. I'm sure my daughter, Shilah, would attest to my love of creativity and challenges. It is through a challenge with my daughter in her sophomore year at Hudson High School that I authored and published my first book, "Business Wait Loss".  I often challenge others to push themselves beyond their perceived limitations as I have mentored them in the entrepreneurship class at the high school, at Kent State as entrepreneur advisor, or as the City of Hudson's Entrepreneur in Residence. I find myself constantly encouraging others to go beyond thinking outside the box and just throwing away the box as if it doesn't exist. Through coaching and training of others, mostly women, one of my greatest gifts is seeing the goodness inside and bringing it out through conversations of awareness and self-trust.  My son Cyre, appreciates me encouraging him to step outside his box and explore his God-given strengths and  talents. 

I study people through observation. I understand behaviors through research and study and I honor people through praise and support. This is most likely why I love taking photos of nature, sitting in silence, and envision myself traveling the world to learn about other cultures and people. I collect books. Yes, books. The Kindle, IPad and tablets are nice but it's something about turning the pages and touching a writing instrument to highlight and record profound thoughts and statements.

I hope this picture says to you, you're invites to my office on Tuesdays anytime between 9 am and 3 pm. Be prepared for thought provoking conversation, reframe of a mediocre mindset and to leave with a little piece of the positive. I'm only at 353 words right now, I'm happy to use the balance of my 1,000 words through personal conversations.